View looking North from West Point Water Battery of the Hudson between Storm King (on the left) and Breakneck, with vertical section of the aqueduct tunnel under the river

The rock-bed of the Hudson is indicated by R, R; S is the body of the sediment between the river current and the rock-bed; W, the black line indicating varying depth of river water; A, B, aqueduct tunnel emerging from Storm King; B,C, tunnel shaft now being sunk from the shore of Storm King; C, D, aqueduct tunnelabout a half a mile long to be bored in solid rock twelve hundred feet below the surface of the river; D, E, tunnel shaft shaft now being sunk from the shore of Breakneck; E, F, G, H, continuation of the aqueduct tunnel into Breakneck, with a rise to flow-level, whence the aqueduct will proceed to the enlarged Kensico Reservoir

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