The Engines That Run The Otis Elevating Railway

"The engines which operate the cables are located at the upper terminus of the railway, within about three hundred feet of the old Catskill Mountain House, which you see in the general view. The engines are of the Corliss type, built by the Hamilton Corliss Engine Works. They are seventy-five horsepower each at one-fourth cut-off, the diameter of the cylinders being twelve inches, the length of the stroke being thirty inches. The shaft, which is common to both engines, is provided with two brake wheels, which are each encircled by a brakes strap. The shaft also carries a pinion which engages a spur wheel on a shaft of one of the cable drums. The driving cable drum has a loose rim a provided with a grooved periphery which receives the cables, the rim being carried by friction. The other cable drum simply supports the cables. The cables, which are connected up parallel, are attached to one car, and passing twice around the drums extend out of the engine house around a sheave, thence to the other car."

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