"The engines are provided with a link motion, and the shifting of the engine may be effected by means of an air cylinder in the tower above the engine room. In fact, all the controlling mechanism may be operated by simply turning air valves connected with the air brake system, and to insure the stopping of the cars at the ends of the road a lever is provided, which is moved by the car so as to throw into action the engine-controlling levers and brakes, to immediately stop the engine and to hold the cable securely in the position in which it is stopped.

In the tower in front of the controller is a governor driven by the engines below, which indicates the maximum speed by closing an electric circuit and ringing a bell. A wire extends from one end otf the road to the other for electric signaling, and a telephone system has been provided, by means of which telephonic communication maybe had between the cars and between the cars and the stations at the ends of the road."

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