Classic Art


Frederick Remington - Train Robbery—Harper's Monthly
Wreck on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad - 1864—Harper's Weekly
The Railways of the World (pt. 1)
The Railways of the World (pt. 2)
Spring in the Shamokin Valley
Under the "El" - New York City, 1918—National Geographic
Starucca Viaduct - hand colored Engraving

Servant to the Nations Industry—1930—Grif Teller
Spirit of America—1933—Grif Teller
The New Day—1934—Grif Teller
Main Line of American Commerce - 1938 - Grif Teller
Progressive Power—1948—Grif Teller
Steam at Banks
Still on the Job
Pullmans Behind Steam
Race Track Ramble
Renovo Reminiscence
Altoona's Famous K4—Canvas
All Steamed Up—Canvas
Childrens Book 1898—(Great Graphic)
Richmond from the James—1877 Steel Engraving—RR Bridge
Boston & Albany Steam
Show Your Tickets, Philadelphia Station

Children at Play—Garden Street Crossing, Worcester, Mass.—Harper's Monthly
Automobile Crossing—1905—A Very Close Call
How to Eliminate Railroad Accidents—1853—Harper's Monthly

Civil War Station, Louisville & Nashville Railroad—1861—Harper's Weekly
Motor-Cycle at Railroad Crossing—Harper's Monthly—1910
Scooping Water—Harper's Monthly—1910
A Race—Harper's Monthly—1910
Meeting the Limited—Harper's Monthly—1910
Railroad Crossing—1925
The "Crummy"
The Steady Hand and the Watchful Eye: In the Cab of an Electric Locomotive
At the Throttle of a Steam Locomotive
On the Deck of a Fast Locomotive

Flushing & North Side RR—Long Island RR—Timetable Cover Page-1874
Midnight Flyer—BLE March Print
Excavation for the new Pennsylvania Railway Station—1
Excavation for the new Pennsylvania Railway Station—2
Excavation for the new Grand Central Station
Sinking the Foundations for the Terminal of the Hudson River Tunnel
Approach to the Philadelphia Station of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Night—Harper's Weekly

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