Andes, Hamlet and Town in Delaware County, NY

Formed in 1819 from the Town of Middletown. In the summer of 1845, the southern part of the town, around Dingle Hill, was the site of the one of the Anti-Rent War's most infamous battles, resulting in the death of Sheriff Oman Steele. Over 100 men were arrested and two were sentenced to death.

The hamlet was busy stop on the turnpike from Kingston to Delhi, and was a central gathering point for the many farmers in the area. After 2 failed attempts to bring railroads from Delhi, in 1906 the Delaware & Eastern brought a branch line up the Tremperskill valley from Union Grove. But the D&E and its successor, the Delaware & Northern, had continous financial troubles, and the Andes branch was abandoned in 1925.

The hamlet was incorporated as a village from 1821 to 2004. Much of the commercial section of the village destroyed by a fire in 1878. The main business of the town was dairy farming from its beginning until the 1970's. Today, few farms remain.


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Andes, NY

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