"If the world is any better for my having lived in it, it is because I have pointed the way to a sane and happy life on terms within reach of all, in my love and joyous acceptance of the works of Nature about me. I have not tried, as the phrase is, to lead my readers from Nature up to Nature's God, because I can not seperate the one from the other."

from "Day By Day", published 1922 


John Burroughs and "Cuff" at Burroughs' birthplace, Roxbury, NY
Photo by Clyde Fisher


About John Burroughs: 

Silent movie of "A Day With John Burroughs" (1919)

A Short Biography Of John Burroughs

 "John Burroughs - Boy And Man" by Clara Barrus (1920)

"The Half More Satisfying Than The Whole: John Burroughs and the Hudson" by Edward J. Renehan Jr

"Spring and Mr. Burroughs" from "The Catskills" (1918) By T. Morris Longstreth


From the writings of John Burroughs:

"In The Catskills" (1910)

"Henry D. Thoreau" (1882)

Camping With President Roosevelt (1906)

My Boyhood (Project Gutenberg)

Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes, Etc (Project Gutenberg)

Wake Robin (1895) Project Gutenberg)

Audio Recordings of John Burroughs' Works (Librivox)



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Books On John Burroughs


John Burroughs: An American Naturalist by Edward J. Renehan, Jr.

384 pp. Black Dome Press


Sharp Eyes : John Burroughs and American Nature Writing by Charlotte Zoe Walker (Editor)

344 pp Syracuse Univ Press


The Art Of Seeing Things by John Burroughs edited by Charlotte Zoe Walker

282pp Syracuse Univ Press


John Burroughs : The Sage of Slabsides by Ginger Wadsworth

95 pp. Clarion Books

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