Hotel Kaaterskill (1881-1924)

Built in 1881 on South Mountain between the Catskill Mountain House and the Laurel House by George Harding, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer. The massive hotel, billed as the largest mountain hotel in the world, had rooms for 612 guests. It had it's own road down the side of Kaaterskill Clove (an engineering marvel in itself), and extensive facilities and grounds for their guests pleasure. As large as the original hotel was, an annex was added in 1883, bringing it capacity to almost 1100 guests. The wood stucture burned to the ground on September 8, 1924 when a fire started by employees making soap got out of control.

The Hotel Kaaterskill: Clippings From The Past by Francis Overbaugh

Articles from the New York Times on the Hotel Kaaterskill

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