The Catskills And The Region Around (1867) by Rev. Charles Rockwell

    Area Map
  1. Discovery And Early History
  2. Early History Continued - Geography And Geology Of The Mountains
  3. Ulster County
  4. Incidents Of Revolutionary History
  5. Narratives And Adventures of Revolutionary Prisoners
  6. Suffering and Escapes Of Prisoners - Ravages Of Tories And Indians
  7. The Osterhout Narrative - Schoharie County
  8. Early Hunters And Their Adventures
  9. Wild Animals
  10. Legends - Biographical Sketches
  11. The Catskill Mountains, By Irving
  12. Mountain Scenery -
  13. Sketches
  14. Thomas Cole, The Artist
  15. The Cauterskill Falls, by Cole - "The Dutch Dominie Of The Catskills"
  16. Autumn And Winter Scenery - Summer Resorts
  17. "The Cauterskill Falls" by Bryant - Directions For Visiting The Scenes Of The Mountains - Conclusion


Catskill Mountain House

"This prospect vast, -- what is it?
Viewed aright, 'tis Nature's system of Divinity,
'Tis elder Scripture, writ by God's own hand;
Scripture authentic, -- uncorrupt by Man."



To the General Reader, who may wish through other eyes than his own to look on the beauty and magnificence of nature; to the inhabitants of the counties of Greene, Ulster, and Schoharie, fond of the history and traditions of their fathers; to the multitudes who have visited the mountains, and love to read and think of them, and to the thousands who each year visit them, with those who may do so in time to come, this work is respectfully inscibed by

The Author

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