This hotel, situated as it is at the focal point of interest in a great vacation region, receives a host of visitors (more than 10,000 annually. It is owned by the railroad company and leased to the present proprietors. Although the season on the summit is short, comprising at best only the three months of July, August and September, yet the annual rental has been as much as $12,000 The Summit House is a long, plain, three-story structure of wood, solidly bound down to the ledges, and adequate to the accommodation of 150 guests. Two steam-heated stories are for sleeping-rooms, and no guest can control the steam in his room, which is continually circulating through the entire heating system. Guests on retiring are furnished candles, of the good old honest non-explosive variety. The lowest story contains parlors, a large dining-room, the hotel office, containing also a telegraph and post-office, a bric-a-brac counter, and in the center a great generously-filled coal stove, which usually draws within its influence most of the visitors to the summit.

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