America's Wonderlands—by J. W. Buel—1893

Twin Engines—La Veta Pass, Colorado
West Side of Marshall Pass, Showing the Winding Descent of the Road
Calcareous Cliffs of Grand River
Chippeta Falls, in Black Canyon of Gunnison River
Jaws of Death, Animas Canyon
Mouth of Grand River Canyon
Utaline, or Line of Division Between Utah and Colorado
Double Circle, Near Eureka, Utah
Animas Canyon
Cascade Bridge and Snow-Sheds on the Sierras
Interior of Snow-Shed, Sierra Nevada Mountains
Soda Springs, Sacramento Canyon
Umatilla Indian Camp, Oregon
The Horseshoe in Elk Creek Canyon
Shoshone Tunnel, Canyon of Grand River (Cameragraph, Color)
Mount Washington and Cog-Wheel Railroad, White Mountains, N H

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