From Sea to Shining Sea ....

Cripple Creek—ca. 1910-1914

America's Wonderlands—(1893)

Our Land and Country—Taking a Trip Around the U.S.A. (1892)
143-Derby Day, Washington Park, Ill.
147-Stone and Marble Quarrying
149-In the Redwoods, California: Logging
157-West Point Station, Hudson River, N.Y.
163-Dayton, Ohio
211-Kansas City Cable Car

New Hampshire (1895)
The Willey Brook Bridge, N.H.
The Frankenstein Trestle, N.H.
Frost Scene — Water Tank on Mt. Washington Railway, N.H.
Summit House — Mt. Washington, N.H.
Jacob's Ladder — Mt. Washington Railway, N.H.
Mt. Washington Train from Base Station, N.H.
The Mount Pleasant House, N.H.

California (1915)
Inclined Railway on Mt. Lowe, Cal.
Electric Encurving Railway, up Mt. Lowe, Cal.
Concrete Bridge, L.A. and Pasadena, Cal.
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Tavern of Tamalpais, Cal.
Sacramento River Canyon on the Shasta Route
The Limited at Shasta Springs
The Sacramento River and Mt. Shasta from Castella
Oil Wells in the Pacific Ocean
Traveling through the Orange Groves of Southern California

The Moffat Line (1905)
A Trip Over the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains
Looking East from Tunnel No. 7
Tunnel No. 30
Hanging Rock
Phantom View, Near Tunnel 30
First Bridge After Leaving Tolland
The Continental Divide, By Moonlight
Freeman's Peak
Climbing the Continental Divide
The Ridge of the Continental Divide
Yankee Doodle Lake and James Peak
The "Arapahoes" from Rollins' Pass
Nearing the Summit of Rollins' Pass
The Eastern Slope from Rollins' Pass
James' Peak from the Top of the Continental Divide

Lake Michigan to the Puget Sound
Along the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

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