Early Railroading


While researching for this page I came up with this reference—
According to "A Historical Biography of the United States—Advertisements"—1885
by John Rippey and Company—Baltimore
The First Locomotive was built in Hartford, Conn., in 1797 by A. Kinsey. According to this book it was "probably the first in the world."

but never came across this man's name again. It's amazing how much conflicting information there is on Early Railroad and how each wants the title of "First." I have tried to sort it out as clearly as possible, for that part that isn't clear I leave to you to judge. I have endeavored to put many eminent opinions of the time on that topic in this work.
If anyone has any information relating to this individual please contact me.
Thank you.

Prophecy in Caricature—Early Steam Coach


I. Development of Transportation Systems in the United States
by J.L. Ringwalt—Editor of Railway World—1888

II. The History of the First Locomotives in America
by W.H. Brown—Appleton Publishing—1871

IIIa. The Evolution of the American Locomotive—Part 1/3—Scientific American, 1897
IIIb. The Evolution of the American Locomotive—Part 2/3—Scientific American, 1897
IIIc. The Evolution of the American Locomotive—Part 3/3—Scientific American, 1897
IIId. Murdock's Locomotive—1784—Links in History (English)

IV. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

V. New England Railroading

VI. Railroads of the Old-Northwest

VII. New Jersey

VIII. Pennsylvania

IX. New York

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