The History

of the

First Locomotives In America

From Original Documents And The Testimony Of Living Witnesses


William H. Brown

New York:
D. Appleton And Company,
549 & 551 Broadway.




C h a p t e r


II.-Early Railroads

III.-First Head of Steam

IV.-First Steamboats

V.-First Steam-Carriage

VI.-Trevithick's Engine

VII.-George Stephenson

VIII.-Stephenson's Engine

IX.-First Trains

X.-First Deliberations On Railroads

XI.-Competition For The Prize

XII.-Railroads In America

XIII.-First English Locomotive

XIV.-Date Of Its Running

XV.-Landing In America

XVI.-More Facts On The "Stourbridge Lion"

XVII.-First Meeting Of The Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Co.

XVIII.-First Brigade Of Cars

XIX.-Ross Winans's Improvements

XX.-Experimental Locomotives

XXI.-Peter Cooper's Locomotive

XXII.-Ross Winans's Comparisons

XXIII.-Horse And Sailing Cars

XXIV.-Peter Cooper

XXV.-Address Of The Graduates

XXVI.-Prize For The Best Locomotive

XXVII.-First American Locomotives

XXVIII.-Further Trails

XXIX.-Explosion Of "Best Friends"

XXX.-Second American Locomotives

XXXI.-First Locomotive Engineer

XXXII.-Horation Allen's Letter

XXXIII.-Claims To First Locomotives

XXXIV.-First Locomotive In New York

XXXV.-Further Evidences

XXXVI.-The Judge's First Ride

XXXVII.-Letters From Officials

XXXVIII.-Additional Letters

XXXIX.-The Author's Art

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