The ERIE Railroad — "The Work of the Age"

ERIE GAZETEER—All Divisions—with stop discription
First Passenger Train—1837
Scenery on the ERIE—1850
ERIE Advertising
Early Timetable
Early Days on the ERIE (history)
Starrucca Viaduct—1848
Cascade Bridge—1852
Broad Guage Days
Hospital Car on the ERIE
"Admiral" Jim Fisk vs. Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt
The Crime of the Century
The Gratitude of the Board of Aldermen

More ERIE...

ERIE Yards at Port Jervis, ca. 1914
Early ERIE Recruiting Workers at Castle Garden, NYC

Stories, Events and Happistances of the Early ERIE Faithfully Reproduced as Written from—
"Between the Ocean and the Lakes--The Story of the ERIE"
—by Edward Harold Mott--1899

First Fatal Disaster to a Passenger Train
First Aid in Accidents 50 Years Ago
They Forgot the Baby!
McCallum and the Baggage Smashers
The Story of a Little Railroad and a Big Bridge
The Original Cars
Extraordinary Accident to Conductor Coe Little's Stock Train
First Conductor Killed on the ERIE
Coming of the First Conductor
Damages were Promptly Settled for, 40 Years Ago
First Train Over the Delaware Division
Through the Delaware Valley
First ERIE Dining Stations
A Considerate and Generous Board of Directors
Old-Time Gratitude
Let the Cars Cut His Head Off
Getting Over the Randolph Hills
Hunters and the Locomotive
The Fatal First Iron Bridge
Brakeman John Gray's Teriffic Leap
When the Locomotive Came
First Railway Mail Service
The Locomotive Crosses the Neversink
When the Locomotive First Came Among Them
First Passenger Killed on the ERIE
Notes of Pioneer Railroading
Sleeping Cars on the ERIE, 56 Years Ago
Railroad Building in the Shawangunk Mountains
The Shin Hollow War
The First Site of the Engine
The Original Starting Place
The Callaghan-Kays Tragedy
Trapping a Locomotive
Improving a Water Supply

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